Sunday, December 23, 2007

Best of Everything

From Awkward Middle Phase: Seth Timbs' Home Demos, Volume One

This song was played live a few times at the very beginning of 2005 as the band was experimenting with several other new songs in order to break new ground after The Whole Shebang, the best of which was kept and became Instant Nostalgia. This one and “Bombardier,” another of my favorites, didn’t make the cut. Fortunately, we were given a copy of this song for Awkward Middle Phase.

Seth Timbs said this one was retired because of its “Foldsness,” which, not having heard enough of Osama Ben Folds to know one way or another, I could not distinguish in this song or any other. It features a great piano line as its intro and reaches toward “Smitten” in the way that it celebrates two people being together and feeling on top of the world just because of they’re together. It also has traces of “Make It Through” as it compares walking a high-wire to the earlier song's flying trapeze.


Juan Horsetown said...

I'm posting this one a day early, and it'll be late in the day on Thursday before I can post another.

Merry Christmas!

Soymilk Revolution said...

i love the first twenty seconds of this tune. what a triumphant piano line -- makes for perfect strutting music.

it's a shame that when seth revisits it as some sort of chorus-figure, it doesn't feel the same. i think the synth over it didn't help.

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