Thursday, February 21, 2008


Unreleased Track

The magic of Seth Timbs, shown very clearly in this song, is the way that he can add so much complexity to something that could be just as simple as another three-minute rock song. “Overlong” is like an anti-“Love Me Do,” in which a dense home recording sings of love and devotion with dense piano-less instrumentation with some great lyrics.

The title refers to the time before the speaker’s current relationship, in which he said his “heart was wasted and stayed alone for overlong.” He adores her through verse after verse, concealing the central concept in floral language. He twice mentions “blues,” a sad feeling of discontentedness or dissatisfaction or something, first saying that this feeling would gladly destroy everything, but happy that it won’t bother him anymore. At the close of the song, he returns to this concept and says that in spite of these feelings that may come, it won’t be that bad if his lover is with them. Given this, I must say that the slight gray cloud over these beautiful melodies cries out for the coming song, “How to Be Happy.”


Soymilk Revolution said...

not an A+ seth track, but definitely an A. some of my favorite lyrics, and such pretty verses...

pretty much the whole first verse is lyrically perfect. some of the other imageries in there are beautiful, too; "just like the swell of the strings beneath electric guitar..."

tha b said...

i think this one is also being redone for the upcoming ST solo album.

I always wanted to play this one live, but we never have... (YET)

Juan Horsetown said...

I go back and forth on the "electric guitar" line, but overall, I'm not a fan of it.

Performed live "YET," eh? I doubt I'll get an answer if I asked in what Seth incantation we might get to hear that one.

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