Monday, March 31, 2008


From Foreign Legion

Ahh, that playful feeling of just embarking on a relationship, the moon hitting your eye like a big pizza pie, yadda yadda yadda.

If you catch this song listening to Foreign Legion, you find it right at the “elbow” of the record, with it the turning point of the whole record. All the sad and depressing songs have come before, culminating in “The Last Thing,” and just a breath after its final chord, this song opens in the elated, “My God, she’s cute…” With that, our protagonist is free from all that has shackled him before, free to run and live and pursue. All the songs that follow are of a happier fair on the record, focusing on love and happiness.

I always saw that if this song was next in succession after “The Last Thing,” then followed by a succession of other songs, its final counterpoint would be “To Cure the Lonely,” unified mostly by the lyrical reference to “puppy love” in both songs. While “Smitten” invites the newfound lover to forget the puppy lovers et al from her past, “Lonely,” a few years and thousands of miles later, undoubtedly referring to the demise of the same relationship, says, “Your puppy love grows up/ but can’t leave its home/ and remains just a flightless bird.”

Live, this song was always dedicated to the person about whom it was written, sometimes being played just after “The Last Thing,” with Seth Timbs introducing it by saying, “Here’s a song about a radically different subject.” It was permanently replaced in live sets by “Make It Through,” and the dedications then shifted to “Crazies,” which debuted a few shows later.


Juan Horsetown said...

One question I had on this one was whether it was played live at the tail end of when Brian and Ben were in the band, or did it debut when Doug and Jason joined?

Soymilk Revolution said...

great analysis, and a wonderful way of finding the subtle bridge between "smitten" and "to cure the lonely," songs two records apart. seth also references "puppy love" in a song he wrote for self, called..."puppy love."

Anonymous said...

Ben and myself never played this song... and I don't think it was even written until after we left.

Of all the ones I didn't play on for Foriegn Legion, this is the one I would have wanted to play on. I still would like to play it today... fun song.

Kerriffic said...

this is one of my Foriegn Legion favorites. I'm sure everyone can relate to this song in some way.

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