Thursday, November 29, 2007

Come On Out

From the yet-to-be-released Instant Nostalgia

While most dismiss this song as their least favorite in current Fluid Ounces live sets, (a “go to pee” song is another name), as well as on the new record, “Come On Out” has remained among my favorites since Seth Timbs debuted it in 2004 at The Whole Shebang Release Show. First off, it’s a romantic invitation, a call out to a special someone to leave with the speaker, conjuring images of moonlit summer nights, running and dancing through open fields.

Structurally, this song is very unique. The rhythm is set up by three chords, each played for one beat in three-quarter time, creating a waltz without being an all-out waltz like “To Cure the Lonely.” On top of the chords, the guitar and piano play dreamy leads, with delicate chord voicings and sometimes Seth uses more of a vibraphone sound on the keyboard. The chords provide the rhythm structure so soundly that it gives Kyle Walsh a chance to add color to the song like a guitar or piano usually do. They even gave him a drum solo—think more Elvin Jones on Coltrane’s Crescent than John Bonham on “Moby Dick.” Seth described the solo as making “your heart swell up and burst.” I only wish there would have been more of a drum solo for the final recorded version.

December 9, 2005, was my favorite performance of this particular song. Seth had just acquired a new keyboard for playing live, and he was experimenting with different voices for several songs, and Kyle Walsh was really starting to get comfortable and push on the drum solo, as you'll hear. I also make a rare appearance in one of my live recordings by yelling "Woo-hoo!" as soon as they start playing this one.

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Soymilk Revolution said...

i'm glad this is on the new record. although, replace this (or "millionaire meets millionaire") with "ambition to love" and leave out one of the two as sick b-side, and you could possibly have the best fl. oz. record period.


seth! get your ass on that new demos collection, please! i want :( :( :(

Kerriffic said...

this song sounds like it could have been on an Elvis Costello record.....

Tom Foolery said...

This song is one of my very favorites of the current crop. I'm a sucker for dreamy, romantic songs.

Anonymous said...

i gave the new demos collection to Tha B to out ut there so it will be out very soon. it's all stuff from before and up to Big Notebook.


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