Saturday, November 17, 2007

One Tough Customer

Unreleased Track

One of the two known Fluid Ounces songs to be written in Los Angeles about Los Angeles, “One Tough Customer” is about a young biker covered with tattoos, trying at a young age to show the world how tough he is despite his young age.

I somehow doubt that he’s earned his Red Wings though.

The song was debuted in 2004 at The Whole Shebang record release party during Seth Timbs’ solo set, and it was given the full-band treatment in early 2006, though only for a couple of shows. It is debated by all of us who know about both versions as to which is better, but I always thought Tha B’s guitar intro that drives the song throughout was more appropriate to the song’s subject matter than the piano. I’ll allow everyone to decide now by providing both versions here for download, with number one being solo from July 3, 2004, and the second being the full band from January 19, 2006, at the Basement in Nashville.

Download Live mp3 (solo)

Download Live mp3 (full band)

Ultimately, I was glad that it was retired and, more importantly, not given a slot on the valuable real estate that is Instant Nostalgia, which is the first record to be released since I’ve been a fan that has all the songs I wanted on it and none of the songs I hoped would be omitted.


tha b said...

Seth's recorded demo of this one is the best version of this song. We never could really get the right feel with the live band that he gets in the demo.

Perhaps it will turn up on the next demo release?

tha b.

Juan Horsetown said...

We can only hope, but I heard the new demo release will focus on the mid-90s.

As much as I would love to get Dumbluck...

Kerriffic said...

i have mixed feelings about this song. i'm glad it didn't make it to Instant Nostalgia, but for awhile I remember asking myself....what ever happened to THAT song?

Soymilk Revolution said...

i'm most excited for the new demo release. bring it on, seth, bring the fucker on!

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