Saturday, October 20, 2007

Joao and Latin Playboys @ Baird Lane

From Awkward Middle Phase: Seth Timbs' Home Demos, Volume One

Two for the price of one today. Both of these are short instrumentals from volume one of the demo collection, which it now seems may become a multi-volume set after all, and neither demo really sounds like Fluid Ounces.

The title, “Latin Playboys @ Baird Lane,” puts a name to the feel of this track: that of Euro trash in off-white suits and pink shirts with large lapels and no tie, swilling frou-frou drinks from martini glasses as they try to impress large-breasted, WASPy American girls with their expensive European convertibles against an orange and pink sunset at some California mansion (more than likely located on Baird Lane). As they are running combs through their greasy, black pony-tailed hair, this is the music playing through the bass-heavy custom sound systems in their cars.

The most funk-infleunced Fluid Ounces moment, titled “Joao,” (no, I don’t know how to pronounce it either) reminds me of the short instrumental throw-aways that can sometimes be found between tracks on R.E.M. records. After a short bass solo, the song ends, and there’s nothing else I can think of to say about it.


tha b said...

Joao (pronounced 'wow') Gilberto is a great latin jazz/samba guitarist that I would recommend to anyone. Joao and his wife (?) Astrud Gilberto is most famous for singing the classic 'Girl from Ipanema'. look it up for some good music.

not sure how that plays into the song though... ;-)

Also, I think that Baird Lane is the one in Murfreesboro...

Soymilk Revolution said...

haha, latin playboys in murfreesboro.

i like these little instrumentals. throwaways, yes, but they're fun. i love small songs.

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