Thursday, October 11, 2007

Spill Your Brains

From Big Notebook for Easy Piano

I was a bit disappointed when I found out that this song was about Alanis Morissette. Seth Timbs was obviously singing about someone he didn’t like, but finding out that it was her took a lot of the fun out of it, especially compared to Self’s “Moronic,” which did a much better job of putting that hack in her place. But, to be sure, this is a much better song than “Moronic.” In fact, it has been my favorite song off of Big Notebook since about the second time I heard the record. Finding out that it was about Alanis took a song that seemed so big and fun and placed an expiration date on it, putting it into a small little cubby hole reserved for “Peaches,” “Today,” and a slew of other songs dated specifically to the mid-90s.

I can’t put my finger on exactly why this song is such a favorite of mine, but I know a lot of people who really like it. I guess it’s because there’s a certain familiarity, and maybe even a little flirtiness (“you’re made of Estee Lauder,” “and getting prettier by the moment’s notice”) with the subject that made the relationship seem more complex than just someone who got played waaaaay too much on the radio.

It remains one of the few Fluid Ounces songs which I’ve never heard performed live in any capacity, recorded or otherwise, so there’s no download for this one.


Tom Foolery said...

This is my all-time favorite Fl. Oz. song. It's just a fun song and was the first of their recorded songs to really, really grab me.

I used to hope and pray that someday it would be played live, but when I found out that it was about Alanis, I realized that it would never happened. A couple of years ago, she released a 10th anniversary edition of Jagged Little Pill, and I hoped we'd get a 10th anniversary edition of "Spilly Your Brains." No such luck.

tha b said...

i have a live video... i'll find it and post on YouTube for you...

Kerriffic said...

1000 times is not enough.

i would like to see this one come back sometime. we can all dream. i'm very surprised someone mentioned the 10th anniversay of jagged little pill. is that album really worth celebrating 10 years? it sucked then and its still terrible now. oh well.

Kevin Dolenz said...

I never knew this song was bout A.M.. I kinda thought it was about a "super model" or maybe a wannabe music star from Nashville. Discovering who its really about does kind of put a border around the song but it also makes me laugh now. Especially the "Still you can't do that on television" line. Funny!

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