Monday, April 7, 2008

There Ought to Be a Law

From Instant Nostalgia

Sometimes the band will debut a new song, and it just seems from its immediate presentation that the band knows they’re putting a good one out there. Not to say they’re not all good, but some are just presented with a slight hint of pride in knowing that this one is a cut above. I got the impression of that from “There Ought to Be a Law” from the first time it was played in October, 2005.

The song is about growing up. Its broad stroke on the matter can be applied to any aspect of coming-of-age experienced in our culture for people aged twenty-two to thirty-three (or so).

As this is the third-to-last Fluid Ounces song added to their catalog, written one year before Seth Timbs told me he was thinking about ending Fluid Ounces to start a new band, I can’t help but think that this song is about the band itself, whether that was Seth’s intention for it or not. They had been through the excitement of a promising formation and received media attention, both on national and international levels, and now here they are, winding down a career, much older and wiser, resisting the temptation to want to slip into some nostalgic state about “the good old days,” instead mustering up the courage to keep rocking and see everything through to its completion. Or, more likely, it’s about girls—particularly the once-overweight-now-runway-model variety.

The video presented here is one that I actually made myself on my digital camera—I hope that it’s not too shaky—on March 14, 2008, at the Basement. Finally, a video of the current/final line-up!


Kerriffic said...

all time favorite Fluid Ounces song!

The Peach and I attended the October 1st 2005 show together, the night this song was debuted. For a time I attended all the Boro shows while he made appearance at every nashville show. during this evening we invented the "hardcore table" and bonded over beer and memories of Ounces past. We even decided from this day forth we will begin to attend EVERY show and try our best to not miss a single one. Boro or Nashville was not an excuse. I think since then collectively we have only missed 4-5 shows. This night was also memorable because it was the first time Peach had ever drank PBR!!

Soymilk Revolution said...

what a rocker. such a great groove!

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